MDU Construction Services Group's transmission, distribution, excavation and substation companies ​​provide a diverse set of services for customers across the country. We work underground and overhead in the transmission and distribution industry, ​as well as with substations, bridges, lighting and traffic signal systems. Our services include natural gas ​and pipeline placement, directional drilling, cable and duct plowing, hydroexcavation, and conduit and vault installation.


    • Distribution, transmission and substation systems.
    • Aerial electrical systems.
    • Wood, steel and lattice configurations.
    • Installation and rehabilitation of underground facilities.
    • High- and low-pressure natural gas line placement  services.
      • Half-inch to 8-inch plastic and steel pipes.
      • Mainline cross-country pipeline for gas and petroleum products.
      • Hard-rock trenching capabilities.
    • Parking lot and sports field lighting, highway and billboard lighting, outside fiber optic work, excavation and communication services.
    • Installation, maintenance and emergency support of computer-controlled traffic signal systems.
      • “Smart” highway systems.
      • Fiber optic communications.