You’ve probably seen the UL symbol on an extension cord or a light bulb in your house or at the store. Experts often recommend purchasing products marked with this globally recognized certification as an assurance of safety and quality.

ESI, Inc. recently achieved UL certification for 65 different prefabricated assemblies, ranging from receptacles and switches to conduit kits. The certification means UL has tested representative samples of each product and determined that they meet specific, defined requirements. According to UL’s records, ESI is one of roughly 50 electrical contractors in the U.S. with this listing.

ESI’s prefabrication shop, known as the Innovation Center, produces hundreds of electrical assembly products.

Prefabrication, the practice of building components away from the job site, boasts many benefits. It reduces exposure to hazardous site conditions and fluctuating weather conditions. Products built in a controlled environment with consistent methods have fewer errors. Prefabrication also increases productivity: fabricated assemblies can be built and stored ahead of schedule and installation time in the field is reduced.

ESI also is UL listed for security installations. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has locations in Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton.