MDU Construction Services Group provides industry-leading construction services with a focus on safety.

We build powerlines and substations. We excavate, drill and build underground infrastructure. We build infrastructure to bring electricity into buildings and distribute it throughout them, powering data centers, hospitals, commercial buildings, universities and research facilities.

We design, build and install heating, cooling, plumbing and fire suppression systems. We design, manufacture and distribute equipment to build transmission lines. We maintain refineries, build solar power systems and light bridges, streets and sports arenas.

  • More than 8,500 employees.
  • No. 4 on the 2023 EC&M Top 50 Electrical Contractors list.
  • No. 10 on ENR's 2023 Top 600 Specialty Contractors list.
  • Authorized to operate in 40+ states.
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Critical success factors

Safety first

Provide an industry-leading safe and healthy work environment.

Customer satisfaction

Dedicate ourselves to understanding and fulfilling our customers’ needs, becoming the preferred provider for services provided.

Financial success

Enhance total shareholder value by improving earnings and returns on invested capital while delivering the best construction value to our customers.

Employee engagement

Attract, develop, appropriately train, reward and retain a superior workforce.

ET&D Partnership logo

ET&D Partnership

MDU Construction Services Group is a member of the Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership, a nationwide collaboration with OSHA dedicated to reducing injuries and fatalities in the line construction industry. Many of our employees are active participants on the Partnership’s committees and task teams.

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What sets us apart

  • Innovation. Our employees bring innovation to the table through their intellectual capital, experience and expertise, ensuring quality and value for our customers.
  • Collaboration. Our teams work together to deliver projects for nationwide customers in numerous markets. With 60+ locations across the country, we can meet our clients’ needs wherever they may be.
  • Integrated project delivery. Our operating companies regularly collaborate on projects, tapping into each other’s talents and expertise to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Financial strength. Thanks to MDU Construction Services Group’s size and financial stability, we realize reduced rates for bonding, insurance and financing. These efficiencies, combined with reduced equipment costs through supplier alliances, result in savings for our customers.
  • Quality. Our companies attract and retain a highly skilled workforce dedicated to providing a quality product, thanks to our commitment to training, safety and integrity. A highly skilled, safe and dedicated workforce ensures superior results for our customers.

Our parent company: MDU Resources Group, Inc.

MDU Construction Services Group is a subsidiary of MDU Resources Group, Inc. MDU Resources Group provides essential products and services through two lines of business: regulated energy delivery and construction services.

MDU Resources has operations, customers and employees across the country. The company was founded in 1924 as a small electric utility serving a handful of farm communities on the border of Montana and North Dakota. The company realized early the value of delivering a variety of services and grew by developing businesses around its expertise.

MDU Resources’ stock has traded since 1948 under the symbol MDU on the New York Stock Exchange.

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