MDU Construction Services Group, Inc. is an industry-leading specialty contractor

Electrical, mechanical and fire suppression

Our electrical, mechanical and fire suppression services companies have deep experience in a wide variety of work across the country.

Transmission and distribution

We work underground and overhead in the transmission and distribution industry.

Excavation and substation

Our services include natural gas ​and pipeline placement, directional drilling, cable and duct plowing, hydroexcavation, and conduit and vault installation.

Industrial turnaround

Our expertise includes refinery and plant construction and maintenance, as well as automotive, renewable energy and steel facility installations and maintenance.

Equipment rental, sales and manufacturing

We are a nationwide provider of power line and telecommunication wire stringing equipment and related tools.

Renewable energy

We're dedicated to providing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions that meet our clients’ technology and power requirements.


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Safety first!

We support a culture of community and camaraderie among our employees, and we take seriously our responsibility to foster a culture of safety through daily on-site safety meetings, human performance improvement training and safety stand-up events.

Our culture

We are Building a Strong America®

Our customers are as varied as our experience.